Career in Genetic Counseling Personal Statement Essay Example

In my early years, I became conscious of the word “hunger.” This emptiness did not require food as sustenance, but one that would not perish until I obtained new materials to read, foreign concepts to comprehend. This passion for information launched me into the masterful world of the Ancient Egyptians and then ushered me into the world of biology. I would anxiously await Fridays to check out books from the library for the week. Then I did not rest until I finished the book that I was reading, as putting it down was not a possibility. My initial fixation became the Ancient Egyptian world and the mummification process: the knowledge that they possessed, the preservation agents they used, the way they harbored organs. I yearned to know more, thus jostling me into my next interest, the world of biology. 

As a middle schooler, I graduated from the pursuit of the mummification process to anatomical concepts. I was introduced to such by my 7th-grade science teacher, whose every lesson astonished me. I was fascinated by the production of cells and their tasks within the body. As I ingested this new information, my craving for scientific knowledge heightened. At this time, I learned that many members of my family were well-established within the medical field, as medical doctors with various specializations. While visiting them, I often read their reference books; however, I promptly learned that my interests flowed in a much different direction. Consequently, continuing my ongoing expedition to find my place in the biology field. 

High school was yet another area that aided in my understanding of the vastness of the biology field. When I started, I was aware that I did want to pursue a career in biology, yet I did not want to be a doctor as that was not my forte. I struggled to find a career path that I would specialize in. Yet, my conflict came to a halt when I was assigned to take a class that discussed the human body’s systems. This class assisted me in solidifying my passion for learning more about human anatomy. With the completion of the reproductive system, genetics was the subsequent topic. As I began to study genetics, I was vastly exhilarated to learn more as I had finally located the field that I was passionate about. At once, I began to research topics such as cloning and blood grouping, awakening my longing for knowledge yet again. I, however, was unaware that genetics is an occupational path that could be pursued with great esteem. I came to realize this shortly after answering a questionnaire that directed me towards the profession of a genetic counselor. I was in awe as I could not fathom the possibility of intertwining both my passion for the newfound subject and my future line of work. I had ultimately discovered my purpose in the science field. My subsequent move was to begin taking the obligatory biology classes such as AP Biology, Genetics, Physiology to get a head start on my college education.

Continuing my new expedition towards becoming a genetic counselor, I enrolled at Farmingdale State College as a biology major. I mentally prepared myself to devote a substantial quantity of time towards my studies, as this was going to propel me towards my future profession. I then registered in core biology classes, with the addition of independent research on prenatal birth defects and their origins. I began an internship at Cytogen X Genetic Laboratories at Stony Brook in alliance with Farmingdale State College. The office consists of an upstairs portion where consultations occur and a first-floor laboratory that conducts chromosomal mappings, amniotic fluid testing, and genetic sequencing. Due to the nature of the office, I was able to experience both the social and scientific characteristics of the occupation. My internship consisted of dedicating 8 hours every week to the business, where I shadowed a genetic counselor and had the opportunity to observe laboratory results, patient histories, and patient-counselor interactions. In addition, I was instructed to research the genetic disorders that patients visited to inquire about. Furthermore, the apprenticeship consisted of socio-psychological aspects, as the patient or patients visiting the clinic were either individuals or couples that were seeking the expertise of a counselor to answer health-related questions. During my shadowing of a genetic counselor, I recognized that compassion is of utmost importance, as the news being given is often not positive, leading to patients becoming emotional. Such a case occurred when a patient had been referred to see the counselor, and her blood tests indicated low levels of Alpha-Fetoprotein. This reading indicated that her child could potentially have Downs syndrome or spina bifida, making the mother hysterical. The genetic counselor that I was shadowing then offered her counseling resources, as well as verbal reassurance. It was a sensitive moment that was handled professionally, and with a tender heart.

Of the listed requirements for LIU’s Masters’s program in genetic counseling, one is to volunteer within the community, so I selected Long Island Crisis Center. While I had taken two psychology classes in the past, I wanted to learn more about assisting individuals and couples who may be in an emotional crisis. Before becoming an official volunteer, hours of training sessions are held in which we are taught how to respond to callers who require emergency services, tracing calls, and accessing resources. A main component of the crisis center was to execute a plan according to what the victim in crisis is going through, be that emotional or physical harm. During my time at the Long Island Crisis, I learned that countless individuals are going through some type of calamity in their everyday lives. The experience at the crisis center has helped me to approach future patients in a soothing and empathetic manner.


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