The Brightest Human Emotion - Fear Essay Example

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Fear is an emotion brought out of danger, evil, or pain. The Injustice of police leads to fatality such as doing things out of their control like killing innocent people. Furthermore, parents are also using this technique on their kids by disciplining their kids to get what a parent wants. In the crucible, there are lots of character's changing and false accusations put on them and families being torn apart. Although it may bring what a person wants or needs, it still doesn't make it right for people to use fear as a weapon and to harm people. That being said we can all agree that Fear should not be used to manipulate people. I'm going to be discussing in more concrete some reasons and specific events that have already occurred in our society and the consequences that come with using fear as a weapon.

Police deal with fear every day, and they understand the consequences of using fear. The officers sometimes make horrible mistakes for instance in 1999, there was a horrific police shooting in New York City. On Feb. 4. Amadou Diallo was killed in the doorway of a Bronx apartment building after the police, mistakenly believing he was reaching into his pocket for a gun, fired 41 shots”  fear played a major factor in this incident because the police officer first thought and the reaction was to defend himself. My opponent may argue that fear should be used to manipulate a person because the decisions that we make when we scared is what defines us as a person.  However, they are wrong because when A police officer accidentally shot the innocent person and killed him the police officer was scared that the person had a weapon so he reacted without thinking what was going on. Just because the officer killed the person in an accident, it doesn't define him as a person and he doesn't deserve to go to jail for the rest of his life and be taken away from his family... Fear is bad here because it leads to families being torn apart. For Instance the CNN States “duty St.louis police officer accidentally shot and killed his partner after Officer Nathaniel R. Hendren, 29, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action”  Both families will have to deal with pain and knowing that there not going to be able to see each other anymore for the rest of their lives.

A great number of parents use fear as a tactic to discipline their children, they use belts and other objects to discipline their kids although it may teach them a lesson there have been researches shown that hitting your child with an object can damage your child's grades in school. In a recent research study by Emily Cuddy and Richard V. Reeves explained how children being spanked frequently are at higher risk for mental health problems, ranging from anxiety and depression to alcohol and drug abuse, Children whose parents hit them regularly may also develop more distant parent-child relationships later on. My opponent argues that disciplining your children is a good thing because you don't discipline your child they won't learn from their mistakes and don't know what wrong from right is. A surveyed parent states” If If my kids aren't afraid of me, they’ll never do anything in life “They are wrong because in a recent study it was showing that parents that were disciplining their kids were leading to their kids getting, low scores and lower vocabulary test scores compared to their other classmates.

Not to mention In the Crucible there was a lot of characters using fear as a weapon to get what they wanted  Such as Abigail accusing Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft and resulted to John Proctor confessing that he committed adultery with Abigail to prove to the court that Abigail had a motive for wanting to accuse Elizabeth Proctor. John Proctor States “ My wife will not die for me, I will bring your guts into your mouth but goodness will not die for me “ This shows Fear finally showed itself in protector's character and resulted to John proctor's and his relationship with his wife to be torn apart although he confessed to the court he risked his life for Elizabeth and that showed true character  but his life will never be the same. Fear in the story will lead characters to do foolish decisions and lead to innocent individuals getting falsely accused.

Ultimately It's your choice to decide to use fear as a weapon but just know that it comes with a price. Fear has been proven and shown that its harmful and substandard therefore can cause people to do things out of their control such as killing one another, falsely accusations, and physical disciplining their kids. One can agree that Fear is like anxiety both put on stress on a person and leads to them reacting in a different matter . to recap if individuals are using Fear as a weapon to manipulate people it is unsafe and is going to result to danger and pain.



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