Book Analysis: The Tale of Despereaux Essay Example

In this book, there are three main characters. Despereaux, Princess Pea, and Miggery Sow (Mig). Despereaux has to go through some difficult things, like getting sent down to a dungeon. You must read to figure out what happens to this poor mouse. Princess Pea is obviously a princess from her name, but her lovely mother died because a mouse was in her soup. Miggery Sow is a girl that is not like the rest of us, she has cauliflower ears, and a bit oversized. Miggery Sow wants to be a princess like Princess Pea. After you read the whole book, you will understand every single detail.

The only reason despeaux was sent to the dungeon was because he was walking and then he heard music, he really liked the music so he followed it. Then he found where the wonderful music was playing from and he listened to it and fell down a little hole. The hole led to where the music was playing. When he fell down the hole he kept listening to the music, he never wanted to stop listening. When he was in the hole he spotted a princess, he never stopped staring at her until the princess spotted him. The princess told the king (who was playing the music) that there was a mouse.

Despereaux couldn’t let any human know that he could talk. The princess started talking to him, he had to talk to her. He couldn’t help it! He said “Hi.” He started getting closer to her and the king. The king yelled at poor despereaux!”Get out of here!” Then, he heard his name. It was furloth. His brother. He didn't want to go straight to Furloth because he knew he would get in trouble for not being with his family and the whole mouse council. He stayed with the princess and the mea king, not for long though. Then the king got REALLY mad at him and told him to get out.

He followed his command but the princess didn’t want him to leave. He left anyway. Once Despereaux went back to his family and the mouse council, they were all mad at him. Then his father was really mad at him like the king was so his father, HIS OWN FATHER, wanted to send him down to the dungeon. The mouse council and his family reunited and voted if he should have gone to the dungeon or no. Everyone dicited for him to go down to the dark dungeon so they sent him down to the dungeon with four people/mice, two on each side of him so he couldn’t escape. It’s a lot, but that is why he got sent down to the dungeon.

Somehow, he escaped the dungeon. This is when Miggery Sow comes in. Miggery sow was sold over a red piece of cloth. She starts going to the dungeon and feeding Gregory the jailer. Despereaux started telling stories to Gregory the jailer in his hand because he was a giant. Then out of nowhere, Despereaux decides it’s fine to escape the dungeon so he does it. Then he tries to find the princess and ends up in the cooks' kitchen. She doesn't like mice in her kitchen so she told Mig to just cut half of his tail off.

He really wants to find the princess though! He finds someone that knows where the princess is and the mouse tells despereaux that he will need thread. The only place there is thread is in the cooks kitchen. Despereaux went to the cooks kitchen in the middle of the night and he got the thread. Once he had the thread, he had to get to the other side without the cook knowing. The cook spotted him! The cook wasn't mad though she just started laughing and told despereaux to try her soup. He tried it and said to her” It’s good” then he got to escape. Then he finally found the princess where tho other mouse told him where she was.

I liked this book because it was telling me that if you want to be something just go for it. I highly recommend this book for everyone that is starting to read chapter books because the chapters are pretty short. This book made me laugh sometimes and i’m sure that it would make you laugh if you enjoy the book as much as I did.



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