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A lot can happen in one minute. There are 52,560,000 minutes in a lifetime and it’s up to you how you spend it. Emily Dickinson was a high school dropout; therefore she had plenty of time on her hands in which she spent in the secrecy of her basement. Until one day her sister discovered a collection of her poems. The first volume was published 4 years after her death, and she became very famous for her unique style of writing

Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts into a wealthy family. Emily was quite introverted and preferred to keep to herself. She had only a few visitors, all of which extremely influenced her poetry. Emily preferred to live secluded from the outside world, and to write poetry in her house. The (Academy of American poets) describes her saying that she “lived in almost complete isolation from the outside world.” Her first volume was published in 1890 four years after her death. After her death her family found over 1800 poems that she had wrote in her basement. Her unique style of writing led her to create some of the most beautiful poetry and become one of the best American poets.

Dickinson once said “Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.” This quote truly is reflected in her poetry, and shows the joy she found in writing. Dickinson is often called a leading poet and is known for her unique writing style and use of syntax. Some of her most famous poems were influenced by her schooling, such as her poem “faith” is a fine invention. (anirudh) wrote about this poem saying that it ”gives insights on Dickinson’s views on religion and science.”  In this poem she shares some of her views on science in her religion. Meanwhile she was also writing poems like “success is counted sweetest” in which she tells a sad story of a soldier who is dying. This shows the range of topics Dickinson wrote her poems on, her endless creativity, and miraculous imagination.

Dickinson, as well as many other poets experimented in n different ways to express her creativity which resulted in her vast amount of poetry. (Poetry foundation) takes this into more detail by saying that she “is one of America’s greatest and most original poets of all time.” She is seen as one of the most important poets in American history because of her wide range of topics, whether it was about nature, art, science, love, death, etc. she wrote about it. Dickinson found a way to pour out everything she was thinking onto a paper in a way many people cant. At the time she was writing her poetry she only published around 8 poems and little did she know that her name would go down in history for the things she wrote about. Dickinson didn’t just see her poems as a hobby, but rather a passion. She shared a lifetime of experiences in these poems, and inspired many young writers to never give up.

Clearly, Dickinson is one of the best American poets, and the (Emily Dickinson Museum) says that ”Her poetry is now considered among the finest in the English language.” Dickinson’s passionate, influential, and magical writing has changed the way we now look at poetry. Dickinson’s style of poetry makes her unique. Her original style of writing is unique to her. Dickinson’s poetry is still applicable in our everyday life. Her incredible use of words changes the way we look at our day to day life.

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