The Best of Human Inventions Essay Example

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  • Published: 07 June 2021
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It all began when inventions and technology were introduced to this world. Imagine the olden day times when people still used cell phones as their main way to communicate. Everyone should really respect and be grateful for all the inventors that made life easier and more convenient because of their great and spectacular inventions. In addition, there has even been competitions, galleries, and exhibits to show off these helpful and successful inventions. In fact, there is a very famous exhibition named “International  Exhibition of Inventors,” there are many different unique inventions and inspirational inventors that you may be able to learn from that will be there, people from all around the world come to this exhibit to tour and experience wonderful times as is described in Source #1. 

There have been many inventions that have been produced, a few have been specifically designed, while others have been accidentally or mistakenly made. Did you know that you can actually create an invention just by doing everyday things if you just put your mind and some creativity into it? Well if you do, you might actually be able to create a helpful invention. Let me tell you the story of how a famous inventor and how he made a very successful and helpful invention by accident as mentioned in Source #3. It all started when John Hopps was trying to design a prototype of a device for restoring body temperature. What actually happened though was astonishing, John “experimented with radio frequencies to increase body temperature, he accidentally discovered that a stopped heart could be restarted with an electrical pulse,”  with this new information John was able to create the external pacemaker. “Even though Hopps’ invention was a little too big and uncomfortable for patients to use”, it inspired and gave ideas to other inventors to create something related to the pacemaker with additional upgrades. That just shows how even though you don’t intend to create what you wanted to create, you can still be able to make a successful and useful invention.

For the most part, inventions are sometimes made to bring a smile on one’s face. They might be useless in a sense, but they can still have success and help a person go through grim times. This is an example of a chindogu, chindogus are very fun and creative inventions that serve a different purpose from many other inventions as described in Source #2. They can still have helpful and successful qualities if they are made well. Interestingly enough, they are actually taught to inspire future inventors to create different and unique creations. With this being a subject in school, it might “spark up an idea that is useful in a sense and turn it into something great that the world truly needs.” 

To say the very least, we can all say that the best of inventions are the ones that make the most use and help humans the most. As I mentioned earlier, there is a exhibition of the inventions as is stated in Source #1, it talks about how really successful and helpful are presented and how they deserved to win the competition that is hosted. For example, in the 2012 competition, the first place winner was a “Hong Kong company that created a robotic glove designed to give people who had strokes the ability to use their hands again.” I believe that an invention like this is very useful to many people because of how much it can do in a situation if you did have a stroke. Another example, the 2014 winners at the exhibition won two gold medals, “one for a new way to experiment with diabetes, while the other invention is a new way healthcare workers can measure bacteria on a skin and ensure their hands are germ.” With these kinds of inventions, sicknesses and diseases will be able to be cured and majority of people will not become sick. I truly do believe that the most useful and creative inventions come from inventors who primarily focus on creating one that make the greatest impact.

To conclude, there are many ways someone can invent helpful and successful inventions, as of right now you just need to put hard work, dedication, skill, and with some creativity into the invention and in no time, you might be a great inventor yourself and you might even get a golden medal from the exhibition.



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