The Best Book in the Bible Essay Example

Who doesn't love imagining the future? There is an entire book in the Bible about what will happen. The Book of Revelation is pointed toward the future. Reading Revelation will make most of the world's questions about the future disappear. Revelation is convenient in conversations with non-believers, it helps us grasp what will happen when Jesus comes back, and tells us His plan. 

Non-believers tend to be fascinated or at least more focused when listening about the future. Just being able to understand the book will make the reader be able to tell people about what will occur. During 2020 an immeasurable amount of people are convinced the world is terminating. Think that or not, the topic of the future and the world ending has gotten quite popular lately. Being about to make intelligent points will make people want to listen to you as well. 

While being about to help non-believers, it gets to a conclusion of knowing ourselves what His plan is.  It can make relationships with God stronger and more efficient. During the study of  Revelation, questions will start to vanish.   The Word of God will be clearer. Developing more Bible knowledge and techniques will help yourself, as well as unbelievers God brings into your life. 

God has a complex plan for the future. Which is why many people don't read Revelation alone. It can be hard to understand, but once it is understood it is very useful information to make people more alert and wise. It is extremely important to know when Jesus is coming back. When hearing the trumpets, will people know what is happening? Or will everyone be confused, worried, or scared? When major wars and events happen will people know to lean to God? Will everyone be oblivious to Him? 

Overall the Bible is an incredible book to look into. Whether you are Christian or not it brings wisdom.  Wisdom is very important especially in 2020 with all the controversial subjects, such as racial injustice or the topic of LGBTQ. The Bible can be used as a tool to help us through these moments.



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