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Sleep is something that every living being on this planet does, whether it be a nocturnal owl or a diurnal human everyone and everything sleeps to live, to survive.  Throughout the Ted Talk I watched I was able to learn and understand what happens to the body if you get enough sleep each night or too little and how each night your body is affected by sleep whether it be good or bad.

While watching I was able to learn about the sleep’s impact on a person’s learning, their memory, immune system and even their genes and was also able to get helpful tips on getting sleep, because in college - sleep is mostly the last things on many students minds, because of the immense pressure felt by students whether it be because of a sport or academics and striving to do well, sleep becomes almost nonexistent for many students striving to do well.

This speech was given by Matt Walker, is an English scientist and teaches neuroscience and psychology at the University of California Berkeley. He does research on the impact of sleep on human health and diseases that could be caused by little to no sleep. Walker is speaking at this Ted Talk convention to help people understand how each night sleep has a deep and serious affect on their health in the present as well as in down the line in the future.

Since many people including myself I did not realize how much of any affect sleep has on my body for the future, if you don’t get proper sleep now it can damage your body in more ways than one down the line for the future. Most times we rarely get sleep is when our body is still in the process of growing and evolving, this is during our late teens and twenties while we are finishing our education of joining the workforce. During this time the main part of our body still finishing out growing is our brain, which is the most important part of our body. 

 This speech was given at the Ted Talk convention in April of 2019, given to people at this convention to be able to learn about sleep and how it can positively or negatively affect a person’s body and health. The audience during this Ted Talk could vary from people interested in learning about the body affects against sleep loss, the positive effects of sleep or the health issues the lack of sleep can cause later in life, whether it be an illness or health effects on the body.

Or it could be fellow professors in the neuroscience/psychology fields wanting to listen about the different research experiments Walker has performed and learn about the discoveries that he discovered while doing them, and could possibly decide to conduct their own research at their universities or companies they work for, to also help Walker with a deeper look into why we sleep and the effects of it on a person. The impact of the audience is important for a speaker because if there is no audience reaction or response it is difficult for the speaker to feel confident in their presentation that is being given. It is key to have an audience that is engaged and is paying attention to the speaker and finds what the speaker is presenting interesting because if they are interested they will want to know more, and will want to ask questions whether it be during the speech or stay after the speech has concluded. 

Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Cues Speech 

Walker gave an amazing speech both in verbal communication cues and in nonverbal communication cues as well, to keep his speech interesting and keeping himself and the audience entertained throughout. Some verbal communication cues throughout the presentation are Walker introduced the focus of his topic at the beginning of the presentation, so no one was confused if he were just jump right in a giving facts, he gave an overview and then showed the facts.

While talking about his research experiments he had performed he provided concrete examples and illustrated his points and facts clearly for everyone listening. And throughout his speech he spoke at a moderate pace and took pauses when necessary he did not speed through his presentation, he took his time for the audience were able to process all of the facts and evidence he was explaining to the listeners. While Walker exemplified many good verbal communication cues he also showed plenty of well nonverbal cues. Throughout the presentation Walker was animated by talking with hands and by doing that he kept his audience engaged the entire time, but he did not use his hands excessively to the point where they became a distraction. He also maintained eye contact and would constantly gaze around the room, he was never staring at the floor, at one specific point in the crowd, or looking at the projector. 

Even though the Ted Talk given by Walker was exceptional, there is something every amazing speakers can work on, no matter how well you can give a presentation. As much as visual aids are keys to presenting, it felt there was an excess amount of visual aids, and many of the time the visual aids showed almost identical items shown on the previous slides. Throughout the presentation Walker spoke at a moderate pace but many times the pauses were long and taken unusual points throughout the speech, and there were points that instead of taking a pauses it would be filled with a filler word “like, or umm?”, which can take away from the seriousness or authenticity of the speech. And Walker used his hands throughout the presentation but did not walk around the stage he mainly stayed in the same area throughout the speech, if he were to walk around he is able to keep the audience more engaged then staring at the same spot the entire presentation. 

Sleep is vital for every living thing on Earth to survive, and while watching Walker’s Ted Talk I was able to understand how sleep now at my age is vital for my growth and my health in the future. To get sufficient sleep is important now because this stage in my life, my body is still growing, especially my brain because my brain is the most important organ in my body because it controls every single thing I do. After watching the speech given by Walker I was able to learn how important sleep is to keep my body healthy with sleep. Sleep is something some people take advantage and some do not give it a second thought. But pushing off sleep now can have detrimental effects later on in a person’s life that can be irreversible if they do not make changes to their sleeping habits now.


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