The Benefits of Hard Work Essay Example

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  • Published: 25 August 2020
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People in The United States of America throughout history have depended on jobs to make money to have a good life.In the story Of Mice and Men, the two main characters, George and Lennie, both living in California during The Great Depression. The beginning of the story starts off with George and Lennie talking about their dream to own a small farm. They find a job on a small ranch that pays bad and gives bad housing to the workers. This all relates to the Thesis because in the story the both characters find a job that doesn’t pay well at all and the workers get treated badly. This used to happen to works back in the days of The Great Depression. Many people went homeless because of the lack of money and jobs for everyone to work and to get paid.

In a news article it talks about how poor people in America that work hard are less likely to believe that they are going to get anywhere in their jobs. These people work hard and some work two to three jobs a day and some of them still don’t have enough money and have to live from paycheck to paycheck. These people are the people who can’t afford to get sick or injured because they have to make the money to survive. Many of the people who are described also struggle because they have children and have to feed them and buy them what they need. This happens everywhere around The United States and around the world. Both of these paragraphs are examples of our society because All of this happens in real life around the world and people are suffering because they can’t make the money to pay rent and keep a sustainable amount of money to survive.

In the story Of Mice and Men the characters are trying to accomplish the american dream and just try to live there life but because there is not enough money to keep a stable job they have been bouncing around california looking for jobs that will accept both of them to work. In spite of problems, their dream leaps towards reality when Candy, a character on the ranch, offers to pitch in $350 with George and Lennie so that they can buy a farm at the end of the month, in return for permission to live with them. So they do find a job and this job will pay them enough to be able to pay for the ranch.

Poor people in america believe they will get nothing out of hard work, but one person pushed harder and found the way to be successful. This dream is not about guaranteed outcomes, of course, but the pursuit of opportunities. The dream found a persona in the fictional characters of the 19th-century writer Horatio Alger Jr – in which young working-class protagonists go from rags to riches in part due to entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. So it shows that it is possible to be able to go from living paycheck to paycheck to being able to find a job and begin slowly to a bigger and better life.

Both this story and news article show the problems of today’s society. It shows that people who have a difficult time are the ones who can’t control whether they can get paid well but it comes to show that if you work hard it will all pay off in the end.



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