Being a Twin Essay Example

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  • Published: 07 November 2020
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One of the most common things people say to me is “I wish I had a twin too!” But what they don’t understand is that twinhood isn't exactly as incredible as it seems in the movies. The idea that twins always have a close-knit relationship with each other leaves people dreaming of having a twin of their own. While this stereotype has a basis of truth, people don’t understand that the relationships between twins almost completely mirror those of everyday siblings. The only difference between the relationships of twins and those between other siblings is the labeling placed upon us by others in society. Sometimes twins simply want to be seen as “normal”, rather than stand out due to something we can’t control. Being a fraternal twin has been both a blessing and a detriment, but has undoubtedly shaped me into the person that I am today.

My whole life my brother and I have been known as “the twins”. Although we share few physical similarities and educational interests, people don't distinguish us as individuals. This situation has created real tension between my brother and I, as we both stride to be recognized. Whether it’s grades, academics, or athletics, we are constantly trying to outdo the other. The reason we feel the need to compete is because we are constantly being compared by others. People tend to ask who the “smart” or “athletic” twin is, not considering how psychologically destructive these questions can be. What makes the situation worse is that after years of constantly being compared, I began to do it as well. 

Looking back, I have realized that when I was younger I developed a feeling of resentment towards my brother; I didn't understand why people continued to group us together. In my head I knew that we were completely different people, but this simply didn't seem to resonate to others. I spoke with my parents about my concerns, and they told me there was little to be done about my situation. I realized they were right, I understood that it was time to let go of my predisposed ideology that twinhood was a burden. I began to understand that I was blessed with someone who will always be able to relate to my issues, and give me reliable solutions. Ever since then my relationship with my brother has flourished tremendously; rather than compete with each other we have begun to collaborate on issues we both face. This turn in my life changed me into a completely different person. I am now more open to cooperation with all people in general, and use my competitive spirit towards bettering myself. I transformed from someone who was quite introverted and self-conscious, to someone who is outgoing and driven. After overcoming my initial struggles, being a twin has changed my outlook on both life and society as a whole.

Being a twin doesn’t define me. What defines me is how I dealt with my early struggles, and improved as an individual. Early on in my childhood I would lay in bed late at night wishing that when I woke up, I could have a “normal” sibling. I wanted to get out of the center of attention, and fit in with everyone else. But now when I lay in bed, I think about how much better my life is because of my twin brother. Without him I wouldn’t have grown up with conflict, I wouldn’t know how to deal with competition, I wouldn’t even know how to overcome adversity. In retrospect, the situations that at the time were hardships, were actually blessings. I am proud to have a fraternal twin who has made a huge impact on my life. Not only did he help mend our once broken relationship, but he has helped me better myself as a human-being and as a whole.