Assassinations of Leaders of Social Movements Essay Example

It seems that people who have an impact and take on a responsibility to change their community always end up in some way assassinated. An example is Gandhi or Martin Luther King jr. people who were important but a threat to the people those who disagreed. On May 19, 1925 a leader was born, a leader who would not just affect the people of his time but our time too. Malcolm X, a father, grandfather, husband, life changer was assassinated on February 21, 1965. After being imprisoned for burglary to becoming a human rights activist is more than a person can do throughout their whole life.

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for nothing”, Malcolm X was an example of his preachings. One day in my english class we discussed the human rights movement, and Malcolm X was one of the greatest leaders of that movement. One thing he did that stuck with me and gave me a push to be involved in the activism in my community is when he said “What you say is a victory you can talk about but a victory you cannot show me”. When I heard him say this I thought to myself why be here, in this community, in this life I only plan on listening to the troubles and not be apart of the solution. 

Malcolm served as a spokesman for the human rights movement. I aspire to be as vocal and passionate as he was to change the city, state, and country. Not only do I support everything that he has had to say but I also believe in the human rights more than I do believe in the civil rights movement. The difference between the two in that human rights wants to change America as a whole whereas civil rights is keeping America the way it is but to just improve it. If our government is already set up in a system where police are just descendants of slave catchers and the congress is a job for ruining the lives of others to make sure theirs is at it best. 

“America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that arises from its society the race problem” Malcolm X. As a young muslim I was raised to not have the idea of race be the reason why I should see a person differently from another. Through Malcolms time incarcerated he found islam, which led him to join “The Nation of Islam”. Yet he left due to his belief that he had completed his time there. If there was one thing I could disagree on what he did wasa believing that Elijah Muhammad was a messenger. But it is easy to understand that he would believe that being a new convert.



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