Argumentative Essay: The Importance Of Wearing Mask In Covid-19 Pandemic

Argumentative Essay: The Importance Of Wearing Mask In Covid-19 Pandemic
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📌Published: 22 May 2021

From the time we are born, rules are all around us. At home, at work, just existing in the United States of America has responsibilities. Children and teenagers are often saddled with rules like go to bed at 9pm, homework must be completed before hanging out with friends, do your chores, etc. Our government places rules on all of us, or more commonly known as laws, that ensures we are respectable citizens. The duties that we are encouraged to fulfil aren't hard, but break the rules and your life could go down the drain. People should always follow the rules because rules keep us sheltered, structured, and they allow us to grow safely in society.

Covid-19 took the world by storm almost a year ago. Everyone's lives changed and the battle against the pandemic has not been an easy one.  Families were secluded from each other for months, jobs were thrown away, the government lost 2.6 trillion dollars, and more than 240 tons of PPE (masks,gloves, medical gowns) have polluted the only earth we have. Masks allegedly used to help stop the spread of Covid have been the topic of the most controversial conversations this year. Do they really work? Why do children under the age of 6 not have to wear masks? How often do I need to change my mask? So many questions, society acts as if it was an option to wear a mask. Over 35 states in the US have passed a mask mandate, making masks mandatory if you go anywhere. It may not be a law, but it is still a rule that us as citizens are expected to follow in order to keep stores and jobs in business. We also need to follow this law to keep us healthy and to not bring the virus into our homes. For those who are at high risk for catching Covid-19 and not surviving it, masks are the only things keeping them safe. The elderly don't stand much of a chance against the virus, their only hope is made of plastic and paper. The masks keep us safe, they allow us to go out in society and have a form of protection in such an unpredictable time. As a nation we are simply surviving the pandemic, and if it wasn't for those who continue to wear masks despite the inconvenience, we would still be suffering for years to come. In order to stop surviving and start living our lives again, the rules must be followed until there's another way to keep eachother safe. 

The mask mandate is quite important to me, my grandma is one of those who are high risk. With stage 4 COPD, breathing easily isn't a luxury she has, she wouldn't survive Covid. She's the only grandma I have left, she's detrimentally important to me. I can't make sure that everyone in the Town of Prosper wears their mask, but I can make sure that I follow the rules and wear my mask whenever i'm out in public. Following the rules hasn't been very easy for me, especially as a child. I was quite a rebellious little thing, always keeping my parents on their feet and pushing the limits just to see how far I could go. I had the yearning to do exactly the opposite of whatever my parents would say, just to experience what would happen. A prime example of this took place around the age of 8, when Allie got caught fibbing. Halloween was in the air, the weather was warm and sparkles were all over the floor. I was a Barbie Princess for halloween and i was aching to sprint out the door and start the hunt for pounds of candy. As i'm rushing to grab my pillowcase and to get my mom to stop applying the bubblegum pink lipstick, my dad pulled me aside. Sternly, he told me I could only go out if all candy stayed downstairs and wrappers were thrown in the trash. “Agreeing” to his terms and conditions, I was out the door in .1 of a second. Hours went by, and my mom dragged me home after about 150 houses because she was tired. I had so much candy that part of my pillowcase had ripped, oh yeah sorting all of this out would be a treat! We returned home and I immediately darted upstairs with my sack of candy, only to be stopped by my dad at the top of the stairs. He confiscated my candy bag and sent me to shower. There was absolutely no way that I was going to sleep without any candy, so while they were asleep I found where he had stashed my candy bag and hauled it back to my room. Reeses, MnMs, Skittles, Gummy worms galore, I had it all, and the wrappers to prove it. I fell asleep on the floor and woke up to the candy bag being nowhere to be seen. I knew exactly what had happened and my stomach dropped to the floor. Waddling downstairs, my dad said my full name and was standing there with a purple spatula. 5 whoopings later, my mom donated all my candy because I didn't listen to my dad and not only ate candy when I wasn't supposed to but left a mess in my room. 

I learned my lesson that day, to follow the rules because if you don't, your mom will donate all your candy. Rules are not to be messed around with, they are quite severe consequences for those that don't follow them and someone can get seriously hurt. Masks may not be convenient, they may be hot and itchy but they keep us all healthy and keeps the virus contained. People should always follow the rules because rules keep us sheltered, structured, and they allow us to grow safely in society.


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