Argumentative Essay on Mental Illness: How to Cure the Weak Mind

It’s not a simple thing, tackling what society deems as aberrant and unusual. Mental illnesses are a factor that remains an enigma to the universe. From what I know, it can be derived from both our DNAs and our general public. There are many elements that lead to the disproportion of the chemicals in our brains. But is all of this our faults?

The fact that our mind is a labyrinth being decoded by our inner-selves, gives a case for the theory that the outside force is also trying to penetrate the way we think and do things. Yes, we are raised to try and have good morals, but no, it’s not our faults we “become another casualty of society,” just as the group Sum 41 mentions in their song “Fat Lip.” (citation: Sum 41. Lyrics to “Fat Lip.” Genius, 2019,  Mental disorders are the factors that join Nature and Nurture together since it is derived from both of those so-called “opposites.” Over the past 150 years, the question of Nature vs. Nurture has been a constant subject of controversy. Are we really brought up by our instincts or the world around us? Well, it depends on how you look at things. In my opinion, these two motifs correlate and act as a parallel concept to each other that lead to the answers of our mental health. Although they contradict in some areas and aspects of society, it’s a bit forced to say that our nature can’t be the result of our nurture.

For me, the midpoint of nature and nurture will always be mental disorders. They’re psychologically unpredictable, yet socially built up and degraded for. It’s not in our right minds to act weirdly when we mostly to ‘fit in,’ but because of the outside nurture we’ve received (bullying, abuse, trauma, etc.), our instinct is to block everything. This causes our nature to be morphed in accordance with what the outside forces are imposing on us. Thus, resulting in the chaos of our minds. There are those with a strong sense of individualism, so this doesn’t really apply to everyone, but it does to most out there. Take selectively mutism, for example. When society decides your words aren’t worth it, it does everything to keep you all cooped up and hidden in a chest of darkness. Your internal nature will automatically understand the situation and make sure you keep quiet in your guilt. See? The results are formed by the concoction of our nature and nurture intertwining and forming the unfortunate consequence; a pent-up well of unexpressed ruminations.

In today's age, humans question the authenticity of our minds and the people affected by the poison it cloaks them in. Are they faking it? Is it even real? Aren't they just crazy? Might I also have a mental illness? etc. It’s these thoughts that have people reject, confuse, and stereotype this worldwide problem. There is also the rising issue of social stigmatization when it comes to such populace who need help; prejudice and judgment are very common. People are excluded and made fun of for their strange behavior or thoughts. Society automatically assumes that if a person does not do the same things everybody else does, they are abnormal and are to be set apart. This dates back to the older times when even then the mentally ill were not seen as people. Is it normal to bully a human being who is in need of urgent help?

I’ve learned that if you are not physically sick, hurt, or disabled then you are not truly ill. If it’s a problem of the mind you’ll just be labeled off as a psycho and live your days without proper treatment. This cheapened attitude towards weaker minds tends to make them feel ashamed of who they are as citizens of this world. They’ll seclude themselves, afraid of being judged, thus aggravating their current unstable minds. It is true that many are afraid of what is yet to be known, making it easy to somewhat understand why the mentally ill suffer so under the conflicted hands of their own race. But if we were true humans, society wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, have taught us such a negative approach to the unfamiliar and deal with controversy in such a forceful, inhumane way. 

Criticism is all this world revolves around. Society has made its job to mark every person with any backlash or judgment that suits it best. We are all scarred people caught between the clash of our inner and outer selves. The media influences us to think the good things are bad, and the bad things are good. People no longer form their own opinions of things and just go with the flow of the game. Imagine a place where the people who need the most help are not even safe in the world they live in, well, that’s what’s going on in this day of age. TV depicts the mentally ill as crazy asylum-kept lunatics. What does this do to future generations? It’s a constant reoccurring spiral that leads back to the question of how mental health is viewed in our society. Children will start forming their own opinions based on the false advertisements on television and will use that against the peers whom they think fit the criteria of mentally ill. 

Is it really alright for the human race to continue the way that it’s going? Many may know of people who struggle internally, but don’t show it. That’s right. Society has taught us to mask out our feelings, our pain, our anguish to satisfy its needs. But, when will it be enough? When will these people be recognized for all their efforts and heartache for just surviving another day? When will we stop seeing the news of the self-inflicted deaths, later to be followed by deceitful words of those who knew nothing? It’s not okay to ignore the way things are going. We have veered off so far from the spectrum of humanity, that I fear if this is our last chance society will blow off everything.



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