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“I want to go on living even after my death!” (Frank 197). This quote is from Anne, a young Jewish girl who lived during World War II and dreamed of becoming a journalist. As the quote says, she wanted to live after her death. The meaning of living after death depends on the interpretation, but I think it means that the person remains in the minds of people who live now. People remember a person living after death even if the person has already died. Many artists, composers, or authors often live after their death. In my opinion, Anne is one of them who is living after death as she wanted. Anne is going on living after death because she is a famous author, people remember her in many ways, and influenced the world.

Anne Frank became a famous author through her diary. Her age was 13 to 15 when she was writing the diary in the Annexe. She had great writing skills at a young age and it made Anne known as a famous young author. Her father, Otto Frank kept her diary for several years after World War II. In 1947, a recommendation by a Dutch university professor made Otto Frank publish Anne’s diary in Amsterdam (Frank 281). Later, the diary was published by other publishers in several countries and sold more and more. Until now, Anne’s diary has been translated into 70 languages and sold more than 30 million copies (Worland). Thus, the diary became a world-renowned book. Additionally, the diary makes people read the diary by having interesting stories that we cannot experience these days. Due to her diary, she became a popular and memorable young author throughout history.

Many people remember Anne Frank in a variety of ways. The Secret Annexe turned into a museum and allows people to visit and know what it was like when Anne was hiding. If Anne was not remembered, the Annexe would not be made into a museum. Instead, it would be a normal building just like a school. Also, friends of Anne and many other people celebrate Anne’s birthday every year. According to Anne Frank House, on Anne’s 90th birthday, her classmates met where Anne lived before hiding (Anne Frank House). For Anne’s 91st birthday, the Anne Frank House prepared programs so that people can know more about Anne (Anne Frank House). Many of them who remember Anne’s birthday would wait for her next birthday to celebrate. Even though she published only one book, there are lots of books and movies about her. A lot of companies made her diary into a movie or new version of a book. Who Was Anne? is one of the books that inform about Anne. She is remembered positively by others as she wanted.

Anne had a lot of influence on the world through her diary until now. Her diary informs us about what happened to the people during World War II. Several educators use the diary to teach their students about World War II and the holocaust. Because the diary is not like a fiction book, the daily life of the people is described more realistically. By reading the diary, people who never experienced the horror of the war would feel and understand how scary the war was. Also, she provided the viewpoint of victims, the Jews, during the war. Many people would think of the Jews’ viewpoint, not the Nazis’ viewpoint when they think about the war after reading her diary. Anne has influenced the world and people’s thoughts of World War II.

Anne is a young author that a lot of people admire and remember. I think Anne is living although she died in 1945 because her diary is known worldwide, many people recall her often, and she changed the world in many ways. These reasons tell that Anne lived a meaningful life with her diary. Nowadays, it is hard to experience what Anne experienced. Therefore, Anne’s life is a legacy that lasts forever. If you want a meaningful life like Anne, why don’t you try writing your own diary?

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