Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoos Essay Example

Zoos are cruel places for animals to live because they live in small spaces and not their natural habitat, the animal’s diets might no be what they need to live a healthy life, and the zoo can be scary for animals who are not used to seeing many people.

Animals live in small places in the zoo and it is not their natural habitat. The spaces that the zoo gives the animals on way too small for the animal to live a healthy proper life, it is nothing like how the animals would live in the wild (their natural habitat). Animals such as camels like in hot dry climates and if the temperature is not right for these animals they are used to hotter climates this could be bad for the animals well being. This could cause the animals to die at an early age or not live a healthy lifestyle. For example, most animals live about 5-10 years longer when they are in captivity. Think about this, what if you were the animal getting held captive? How would you feel? I know I wouldn’t be too happy due to the fact that is not how humans or animals should live. These animals don’t have any privacy, with people always walking around looking at them and tapping on the glass, etc.

This could lead the animals to become depressed, and physically, and mentally disturbed.

The animal’s diets might not be what they need to live a healthy life.

What animals eat is crucial in their healthy living, but they might not be getting fed properly at the zoo. Although zoos can be good for animal research in what they eat, it’s not the best for animals. For example, in zoos animals get the same food, and once in a while, they’ll get a treat. In the wild animals have a different variety of food which is good for their diet and healthy living. I understand that some animals at the zoo are rescue animals. Although they may not have been able to hunt for food or live on their own in the wild, I still think animals should be in their natural habitat with their own diet and life.

The zoo can be scary for animals who are not used to seeing many people. Most animals that live in the wild are scared of humans and will run away if they see them. The focus of zoos is to care for the wildlife and to entertain people. Lots of kids like going to the zoo to see the animals. But do the animals like all the attention?

Some animals like seeing humans and interacting with them, but then there are some that don’t like it. This could cause the animal to have anxiety, starvation, etc. The animals being scared could also lead to them acting up and maybe attacking other animals or humans and/or breaking through the glass.

There are many reasons animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos, such as they love being in their natural habitat,  they live a better life there, etc.

If animals could talk I’m sure they would want to be in their natural habitat.


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