And Then There Were None Essay Example: The Murder Mystery Which Attracts Us

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  • Published: 06 April 2021
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Murder mystery novels are captivating. Intense emotions. Creepy moments. But the murder mystery universe is vast. But, one book may stick out even more. And Then There Were None is a story about ten people who get invited to this island all for different reasons. But as the book goes on, secrets come out, death occurs. While all of the people committed murder previously, Vera Claythorne stood. While her murder was gross and disturbing, she died with all that guilt still inside her. She paid the price by her boyfriend left her right before they were about to get married. Lastly, she feels remorseful about what she did. Vera should deserve the most sympathy for the murder she committed. 

Vera is a focal point of the book. As time goes on, she feels so guilty that she takes her own life. On page 269, she feels like she speaks to the person she killed even though it is just in her head. Then right after she takes her own life due to the guilt she endured. Guilt can cloud your brain and that's what happened to Vera. She starts seeing things. Hallucinations. On page 268, she feels the child that she murdered hand around her neck. This comes to show that the guilt she felt came back for her and she started to go crazy. 

Vera let that kid swim out to the rock knowing she could save him. She risked it all for what? Love. She loved Hugo and Hugo would get all the funds if the kid died allowing them to marry. But that's not how it played out. On page 269, Justice Wargrave is talking to Hugo on a train and Hugo explains his feeling towards what she did. He loved Cyril and she took that away. In result of that, he left her. Another example is on page 88. She explains her side of the situation with Hugo and how he is now mad at her for what she did. Hugo was basically the fuel for her guilt mixed with revenge. He made her become crazy with the guilt she suffered from in the end. 

Throughout the book, she feels remorseful for the murder. On page 269, the text states, “That was what murder was- as easy as that! But afterward, you went on remembering.” This evidence shows that she accepts the fact that what she did was wrong and now she also accepts that's the source of the guilt she is feeling. Another reason she is remorseful is that she keeps on feeling her ex-boyfriends presence. On page 267, she starts to think that Hugo is waiting for her upstairs. He left her for the murder but her “seeing” him was a sign of remorse for her. Seeing him gave her a sense of relief for her guilt and remorse. It was a psychological piece of evidence that if you analyzed enough, you would understand.



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