The Analysis of Speech about Caesar

Caesar.. Who was he? Caesar was just a normal consoul who was going to become the king of  rome. He was someone that all the plebeians had enjoyed and adored. He was someone that was taken due to his “ ambition.” Brutus a man who had helped killed caesar had to kill caesar for the better of the rome as he stood in front of hundreds of citizens and delivered a speech of why Caesar had to die. Then there was Antony, caesar best friend someone who spoke the complete opposite of brutus someone who was more worthy. While both of brutus and antony's speeches were both good, antony had a better speech due to his pathos, ethos and repetition and rhetorical question. He achieved his purpose more clearly and effectively. 

Antony speech about caesar was something to prove and persuade to all the plebians of rome who had attended the meeting  that caesar was not ambitious. Caesar was a strong person in Antony eyes, someone who was worthy of rome. But persuasion has you do things that you will later regret when things happen. Like Antony being involved with killing his best friend, he in now going through with regret and is showing the people what caesar truly was and that he did not deserve this. Antony had a stronger speech because of his use of pathos to aid his purpose. “ my heart in in the coffin there with Caesar and I must pause till it can come back to me, (he weeps)” ( III,ii,116-117). 

Anthony speaking to the people without having a care in the world what Brutus or anybody has to say is the most important. He is not speaking to make himself famous he is speaking on the behalf of having caesar be his true best friend. Speaking along the lines of learning a life lesson, to teach the people of rome the true meaning of Caesar and their friendship. This quote is effective because, it really shows that antony loved Caesar that he was his best friend, by shedding a tear, things like these emotions touch the people of rome, and saying these words make the plebeians second guess brutus speech, feeling guilty for themselves ever taking the side of Brutus. Connecting the emotion from Antony to the people. This quote is easily showing pathos for the reason that cesar does not show ambition that  Caesar had deserved to live, and if it wasn't under selfishness Caesar would of still been here.

Caesar, had not taken the crown, so how did Caesar show ambition? But Brutus says that Caesar would of been ambitious. Antony shows and proves with his logic and wisdom that Caesar was not ambitious. He had a stronger speech, because of another thing called ethos, and his use of words to aid his purpose giving off to the people.  “ He was my friend, faithful, and just to me, but Brutus says he was ambitious.” ( III,ii,95-96). This shows his his opinion and feeling on a more personal level. Giving the plebeians a level of wisdom and words, to show that even though brutus has claimed Caesar was ambitious for his reasons that in the end to me and in my mind that caesar was a good person through everything. The way that Antony gives off his vibes to the people make the people really doublethink in what Brutus had said in his speech before, if really Caesar was a good person because from the beginning they loved and adored Caesar. Having Antony give a speech on a personal level of knowing Caesar, shows more trust, and reasoning on why you should believe him, although he isn’t trying to gain anything or get the people to not take Brutus side, his words in ethos is more powerful on why you should trust him, and lend him the plebeians ears.

Antony has another thing that he states is something that is used as repetition and rhetorical question. Antony has repeatedly said these things over and over again, to make sure you think back to what Brutus had said and think well is this true. The repetition that Antony had in his speech was “ but Brutus says he was ambition” (III,ii,95” “ Brutus says he was ambitious” ( III.ii 107. The words ambition, is the word that is repeatedly used over and over again to emphasize brutus lines in his speech.following that is “did this in Caesar seem ambition?” (III,ii,98). Another line that was rhetorical but questionable, this was emphasized to make it clear what he wanted the plebeians to hear and think about.  By using these choice of words over again throughout his speech makes all the plebeians think about Brutus speech, talking about his so called ambition and how he needed to die before his ambition took over. Antony speech was effective with these two things because when you say something over again it is something that is key and important. The combination of these two helps the audience think about who side they really want to be on and how truely cesar was.



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