The Analysis of Poetry Makes Nothing Happen By Julia Alvarez

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  • Published: 25 April 2021
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Poetry is lyrical, in which it interprets life and the special style of it. The rhythm of the poem delivers a message, which expresses feelings reflecting your mood, and thoughts. “Poetry Makes Nothing Happen” By Julia Alvarez, it changed my perspective on poetry, as for instance,  in the way I think of a future goal I may have. Reading poetry was something I did occasionally, not something I did everyday, but when I was in high school I started reading poetry. Poetry teaches me to think with an open mind. I’ve learned to feel or  imagine something from different perspectives as it grabs my attention and expands what the meaning of the message the poem is trying to communicate.

First, reading “Poetry Makes Nothing Happen”, gave me the perspective that poetry can inspire you, cheer you up, give you hope or even encourage you. The way poetry gave me different perspectives of life is, how the author self-expresses his or her feelings and shares in their work. In this poem characters were using poems as a way to help themselves. For instance, Mike Holmquist being one of the characters, who took a message of a poem he was listening to on his way home from work. Listening to poetry was the only thing that kept Mike awake and relaxed on his way home, and that helped him feel less lonely than he usually feels.

Next, this poem is relatable to me because, poetry has taught me much things like how I should elaborate on my thinking and making a decision. Motivational and inspirational poetry, is my top favorite, because poets like Robert Frost revealed a message in how you should make a decision for yourself not for others. As for example, Mike who used poetry as a way to comfort himself, as he was receiving a message but also for a relaxed comfort feeling, and didnt feel no shame for listening to poetry on his drive home from work. Additionally, I read poetry as a way to enjoy and relax myself, drawing an image of  the message the author is trying to present to me and how I deeply feel in receiving that message 

Lastly, the title “Poetry Makes Nothing Happen” specifically caught my attention, and it left me with a question of what can poetry really do?. In this case, poetry allows an individual to flex and have an open mind, entertain themselves, and expand their view enormously. “Poetry Makes Nothing Happen” by Julia Alvarez, reinforced and gave me an insight into what poetry really is and how it can really change anything, and the purpose, poets like Julia Alvarez write their amazing work.



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