The Analysis of Oliver Twist Essay Example

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, human relations are defined as “the relationships between groups of people, especially between different workers in an organization or business”. Oliver Twist is a classic novel written by Charles Dickens. He includes several human relations between people who are good and people who are evil. Many conflicts occurring in this story are caused by unpleasant human relations due their different morals.

The main character, Oliver Twist, is a perfect example of a character with a good moral. Oliver is a sweet, young boy who often puts others before himself. Chapter twenty-two stands out to differentiate Oliver from the rest of his fellow characters. In this chapter, Bill Sikes and Toby force Oliver to drink, and rob a house. Oliver disapproves of these horrific actions. Although he doesn’t want to, Oliver must go through with the robbery because Sikes and Toby will kill him if he doesn’t. But, since Oliver is selfless, he attempts to wake up the family to warn them. “In the short time he had had to collect his senses, the boy had firmly resolved that whether he died in the attempt or not, he would make an effort to dart upstairs from the hall and alarm the family” (Dickens 205). Sikes sees him, and demands he come back. Luckily, the burglary was cut short because of gunshots. When Oliver and Sikes are running away, Sikes notices that Oliver has been shot. Oliver is a good character because he sacrifices himself for the safety of others. 

In contrary, the evil character in the novel is Sikes. Sikes is selfish, and he only cares about money. Sikes wants to rob a house, force Oliver to drink, and physically harm Oliver. It is clear to see how Sikes is an evil character. According to, “He’s drunk, brutal, selfishly bullish and possesses a consuming desire for revenge and control that is further blinkered by his inability to be reasoned with – all made all the more fearsome by his realism.” Sikes and Oliver have a conflicting human relation because their morals are different. While Oliver is a good character, Sikes is an evil character. 

Lastly, Toby Crackit is an example of an evil character. Toby is a thief and he is egotistical. Toby is waiting for Oliver and Sikes to arrive at the house. “He was dressed in a smartly cut snuff-coloured coat with large brass buttons; an orange neckerchief; a coarse, staring, shawl-pattern waistcoat; and dab breeches” (Dickens 200). His outfit deceives others by making him seem rich and powerful, yet all of his money is stolen from others. Toby is an evil character because he steals from others, and he forces Oliver to be involved in his naughty schemes. Toby and Oliver have a poor human relation because their morals are different. Toby and Sikes have an adequate human relation because they both have the same moral, which is that stealing from others is a good way to gain money. 

In conclusion, the novel, Oliver Twist, has many human relations between people who are good and people who are evil. People who share the same morals often have good human relations. Oliver Twist has a good moral, in which he believes that he should put others before himself. Sikes and Toby share a poor moral, where they believe that stealing is exceptional. Sikes and Toby have a good human relation because they believe in the same idea. Oliver is a good character because he is selfless. Sikes and Toby are evil characters because they are thieves.



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