The Analysis of Kokoro by Natsume Soseki

The author of Kokoro develops a theme of loneliness through first person point of view by using the narrator's eyes to show that both of the characters, including himself, have a lack of companionship. Through the narrator, signs of loneliness can be shown within both of the characters in the story, which contributes to the overall the theme of loneliness throughout the story.

Natsume Soseki shows that Sensei is lonely by introducing his personal life through the narrator's perspective. "Sensei had told me that he spent most of his time at home...he disliked to go out." Sensei's home life is displayed through the narrator's eyes, contributing to the theme of loneliness by showing that he doesn't get out much and most likely has little to no friends. 

The narrator is established with introverted and lonely characteristics by the author. "I managed to enjoy myself, dozing on the beach or splashing about in the water." His personality leaves him unbothered when nobody he knows about doesn't talk with him, but when his friend suddenly leaves the trip that he insisted the narrator goes on, he's suddenly disapointed. "I, who had taken so much trouble to join my friend, was left alone." His friend had left him to go back home even after his idea of a trip had just begun.

Sensei and the narrator equally contribute to devoloping the theme of loneliness with the loss or absence of each of their friends. "I saw Sensei again the next day...The Westerner, with whom he had first come, never showed himself again." Sensei was first spotted in the story with a friend. After the first encounter with Sensei, the friend was never seen again.  "I went there at the insistence of a friend of mine...and it was only three days after my arrival that my friend received a telegram from home demanding his return." The narrator also experienced what Sensei experienced when his friend who had insisted on him coming to Tokyo with him leaves. The absence of their friends left them lonely. 

The author of Kokoro uses the narrator's point of view to show how each of the characters develop a theme of loneliness. Each of the characters display introverted characteristics and show lack of companionship. Through the narrator's perspective, both him and Sensei equally contribute to the story's theme of loneliness.



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