America’s Social Movements Essay Examples

During the Antebellum period or 18th century, America was developing and changing by becoming more self-sufficient, America and its people also learn to transcend their problems and become more democratic. Therefore national movements such as Nationalism and Industrialism moved the United States forward in its development, unlike some movements such as Abolitionism, prevented America to move forward in its development by having a slow pace of flourishing.

During the Antebellum period, Nationalism commenced to an immediate change to move the United States forward, Nationalism plays an important role in the Antebellum period because of how much it helped the United States become more prideful of themselves, because of this America manage to win the confidence they wanted to stand proud of being Americans.

Some example of this would be Uncle Sam, became a National symbol about America and their soldiers, The Battle of New Orleans, even the British had double the amount of soldiers in this war, America still manages to win the fight, and by this win, they felt really strong and prideful about themselves making Americans feel invincible, and Andrew Jackson a general who fought in the Battle of New Orleans and became a National hero for the country, without Nationalism, America wouldn't be as what it is today.


Furthermore, Industrialism also performed a critical role in moving the United States forward in its development. Industrialism is a system built on manufacturing industries, factories, train etc... Almost everything that's involved with economics. During the Antebellum period, Industrialism flourished a lot especially around the northern areas, Industrialism helped us Americans transfer manufacturing goods and made Americans buy products made in America, industrialism also helped us expand west.

Some examples of Industrialism are the War of 1812, The War of 1812 cut off trade with England. Causing America to start factories and start to make their own products. Factories, Many machines set up in large buildings where people went to work. A method of production that brought many workers and machines together. Lastly, Manifest Destiny, the belief that God told Americans to expand west, America was bringing trains and building factories in the west.


On the other hand, other movements such as abolitionism did not flourish in America compared to Nationalism and Industrialism. Abolitionism was the movement to end slavery. Abolitionism was an important role in America, but it did not flourish as much as the other movements due to its lack of support, abolitionism prevented America forward in its development due to its slow pace, it took about 65 years until slavery was abolished in the United States.

Some examples are abolitionist, was someone who wanted to end slavery. David Walker was a free black, who advised slaves to fight for freedom rather than to wait for slave owners to end slavery. The Liberator was an American abolitionist newspaper founded by William Lloyd Garrison in 1831, urging them to demand immediate freeing of the slaves. Even with all of this support and more, it still wasn't enough to abolish slavery, abolitionism didn't take an immediate change, but stopped America in its development.

In conclusion, national movements such as nationalism and industrialism moved the United States forward in its development, therefore movements such as abolitionism stopped the United States forward in its development due to its lack of support and its slow pace, it did not take an immediate change in America. If abolitionism took a faster and more efficient pace, it would have helped America march forward in its development.



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