All Girl Private School Essay Example: Is It worth It?

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Many parents discuss what kind of school to send their kids: public or private? They may ask themselves, “Will they get into the bad crowd at public school?” or maybe “Will they become snobby kids because they go to a private school?”. As an alum of an all-girls private school, Marian, I am here to tell you it is beyond worth it to send your kids to a private school. Now, I cannot speak for all private schools but I can speak on behalf of mine. Marian has many things such as challenging academics, an amazing environment, thriving athletics, and traditions like no other place in the world. 

Marian is an all-girls college preparatory school, so the way you do things is very college-like. From things like, how the classes are held, how the papers are graded, and how you should be independent enough to talk to a teacher without parents getting involved in the way Marian works. This is very helpful when transitioning into college because you are beyond ahead in knowing how to write different types of papers like MLA or even APA. You have also already learned great study skills that many people have to learn when they first transition to college. For example, I took a class that is considered one of the most rigorous and time-consuming classes at Marian, and it is called Honors Independent Research.

Honors Independent Research is one semester that is based solely on writing one research paper and presenting it in a well put together professional manner.  In that class, I had to choose a specific topic to research for months on end. I chose to study the relationship between early sports specialization and overuse injuries and burnouts. This class became so time-consuming because I was not allowed to move on in my paper until each sentence was perfect. I spent countless hours trying to research and perfect this paper that totaled up to twenty pages. I then had to give a PowerPoint presentation in an auditorium explaining the findings I had made on this topic, and how it scientifically was proven to be true. With all of this being said, this was just one example of many on how Marian prepares one for college at the highest level possible.

Another perk of going to a college preparatory school such as Marian is the environment and relationships you make along the way. It is a place where a teacher isn’t just considered a superior, but a friend who cares about not only our academics but personal lives and will help and talk to us whenever needed. The students are also the same way there. At Marian, the girls are considered your sisters, regardless of which grade you are in. Everyone is asked to be there best self which gives you the opportunity to find who you truly are which is something special on its own. This makes the environment at Marian one of the best. It is a home away from home because you can happily be who you want to be with the comfort of the people around you.  

Marian is one of the number one schools in the state for athletics. I am a two-time state champion and I believe Marian has almost one hundred school state championships since they opened in 1955. This is because Marian teaches values like how to work with other people, how to be the best you can be, how to work your hardest even when you do not want to anymore. Marian coaches are the first people to criticize you and tell you what you did wrong and how you could do something better but at the end of the day, they are also the first people to congratulate you when you did something right even if it was the smallest detail. Just like in the classroom coaches push girls to be the very best they can be. Sometimes they see more in you than what you see in you but they will not stop until you recognize it in yourself. Girls who play sports at Marian or girls who are involved with anything like clubs or music are more likely to be harder workers and more passionate workers. 

Marian Traditions

Marian has many crazy traditions but, I promise you when you run into a Marian alum these will probably be one of the first things you talk about. One of the first is Marian Moms. Marian Moms is a lunch that happens every few Thursdays and all these Marian moms come and make these delicious salads, desserts, and lemonade for us. Very simple but something every girl looks forward to. A huge tradition at Marian is Walk-a-thon. Girls are asked to go around and raise money to go to things like helping girls pay tuition and going to maintenance and other things.

This is a very competitive tradition as each class competes against each other. Last year we raised over $100,000 for our school and set a record it was amazing.  Another tradition is Surprise Day. This is a day that only a few student board members pick and hides it from the whole school. It is always a day in the second semester where they come over the intercom and say “Its surprise day!” and everyone runs down the halls to the gym where they will be giving instructions on what we are doing that day. There are always huge inflatables, cotton candy, face painting, movies in the performing arts center and more. The day is filled with smiles and love. I probably did not have to sit here and tell you every detail about our traditions but the point is to see how it brings our community together Marian is so much more than just a school. 

When deciding on where to send your kids to high school it is important to know that wherever they go they will get out of it what they put into it. As an alum from Marian High School and as someone who put in everything they had to this school, I am biased when I say private high schools have so much to offer. The saying at Marian is: “Confident, Independent, Thinking, Leaders, Inspired by Faith.” I truly do believe that Marian sets girls up to go out into the world after high school ready to take on the world. They are sent out knowing their worth but also knowing that you can never stop working to be a better person.



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