Ain't I a Woman and Still I Rise Comparative Analysis

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  • Published: 11 June 2021
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A crocodile and an alligator look alike but actually are not the same because a crocodile spends more time on land while an , alligator spends his time in the water.  Just like alligators and crocodiles, these two messages seem similar but are actually quite different. In Sojourner Truth Speech called , “Ain't I a Woman” she uses repetition to explain her message to the audience . Maya Angelou made a poem called ,”Still I Rise”, but in the poem she used rhyme together message across to her audience.  Repetition is a better way to express your message to people because they will remember.

Sojourner truth was at “ The Women's Convention” in Akron Ohio.  Where she gave a speech about how black woman should be equal to everyone , it was called “Ain’t I a Woman, while, Maya Angelou made a speech called “Still I Rise”.  Even though they weren't the same they had similar objective which was to express their thoughts to women, particularly black woman . In line 5 in the “Ain’t I a Woman”speech , she said “Nobody ever helps me into carriages , or over puddles or give me any best place. While in ,”Still I Rise” ,she said “Cause I walk as like i’ve  got oil wells in my living room”.  The reason it's similar is because they are trying to say that they work hard and don't receive anything.

In “Ain’t I a woman” Sojourner Truth used repetition , for example, she repeated “Ain’t I a Woman , about 4 times at the begging of the speech so it could sticks to the audience.  While in “Still I Rise” Maya Angelou used rhyming for example, she rhymed “eyes and Cries” and “Suns and high”. At the same time they used similar ways to write , for example, they made similar examples of how they worked on farms , for example, in “ Ain't I a Woman” she said “Look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted , and gathered into barns. While in “ Still I Rise”she said “Cause I walk like I've got oil wells pumping in my living room.”  Another difference is that Maya Angelou is talking about sexism for example she said,”Does my sexiness  upset you?” But Sojourner Truth was talking about equality for example she said,” Where did Christ come from? From God and a woman”.

In conclusion, these two messages show that woman have power and are capable of anything even if its in different ways. Also that everything doesn't have to be told the same way, and that even though these messages had similarities and differences it was mostly similar because what they were saying was similar.



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