Ad Analysis Essay Example

Ad Analysis Essay Example
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📌Published: 12 April 2021

The given passage is an excerpt taken from an online advertisement for a luxury apartment. These luxury apartments are called Pembroke and are located in Cape Town, South Africa. In general, advertisements are written to persuade the intended audience towards whatever the product, service, or place is selling. This particular ad is no different; it aims to sell apartments to the public.  As mentioned earlier, the advertisement was written for apartments in Cape Town, South Africa, meaning it was most likely also published there. Throughout the ad, the writer uses words such as luxury, gourmet, perfection, regal, magnificent, remarkable, oasis, and many others when talking about these apartments. He or she points out that “within walking distance of a myriad of bistros, gourmet restaurants, popular and designer shopping, and an internationally renowned aquarium, Pembroke is an oasis to which you can retreat after sampling the city’s busy delights.” 

It’s clear that this apartment has many aspects that would bring in a wealthier range of people than most “normal” apartments would. Based on the author's use of words such as luxury, gourmet, perfection, regal, magnificent, remarkable, oasis  and descriptions of the surrounding area, the intended audience is most likely those of a wealthier status.  The reader of an advertisement like this is most likely in the market for a fancier type of  apartment so I think that the author used the right words and descriptions to bring a positive reaction from the reader. The reader may be impressed or interested in the apartment after reading this passage.

The author uses figurative language as a way to further their purpose in making sure the sense of luxury is enhanced.  They use many different forms of figurative language. Metaphors, onomatopoeia , similes, and personifications were all used in the passage. When talking about the location of the Pembroke, the author uses personification to point out that it is clearly a part of the apartments with a higher quality location saying “rubbing shoulders with two of the world’s leading hotels, The One and Only, and Cape Grace”.  Another use of a personification was used later on in the passage. “There are magnificent views of the green belt of Signal Hill from even the shower and bath.

The terrace, too, invites you to step out and contemplate this panorama. On a balmy summer’s evening, the play of light is remarkable.” In this case, the author is talking about the great features of the apartment and uses this personification as a way to add to the luxury of the whole apartment by pointing out that it has a terrace. After reading about such a great location and all the wonderful different features of the apartment, the reader is sure to see the luxury of the apartment. The author of the passage does a pretty good job at maintaining the overall tone.   The overall tone of the passage can be seen as both persuasive and informative.  There are no clear places in the passage where the author’s tone shifts; it seems as though the author always talks to persuade and inform. The author also does a great job at appealing to the intended audience.

A few notable details from the passage are the words the author uses that helps draw readers to envision luxury and wealth.  The effect could be that using words that point to luxury and wealth could lead the reader to believe that these apartments are something only wealthy people can afford and not something that someone of the lower or even the middle class can afford.  

To conclude my statement, the author uses  many examples of figurative language, great detail, and an amazing word choice to persuade readers to stay at these luxury apartments.   The author does a great job at communicating the intended purpose and appealing to the intended audience.  Thanks to the author's descriptive passage on the Pembroke it's easy to say that this is an apartment many would be lucky to stay at.


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