To Achieve Your Goals you need to Make a Sacrifice Essay Example

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“To reach your goals you need to make sacrifices” that is one theme that fits my life and Gary Soto’s stories. In Living Up the Streets, Soto says “think of the pool at the Y.M.C.A.” because he gives up going to Y.M.C.A. to work and get new clothes just like our parents giving up alot for a better life. Some of these sacrifices were moving.

The first time I moved was when I was 4, I moved from Nepal to the Chicago ,United States. My family(my grandparents, parents and me) were refugees from Bhutan, my ancestors used to live in Nepal but because Bhutan had lots of land and jobs to offer they moved to Bhutan. Bhutan started treating Nepalese people horribly so most fled to Nepal including my family. Then my family became refugees and all my cousins and me were born. Most people from Nepal treated us like outsiders, didn’t like us and barely understood our problems unlike in Oranges, by Gary Soto, when it explains “When I looked up, the lady’s eyes met mine, and held them, knowing very well what it was all about” so the lady understood the boy unlike the people from Nepal.

About 20 years later lots of the refugees were moving to the other more developed countries, so my family decided to move to the U.S sort of like how Victor in Seventh Grade, by Gary Soto wants to move to France when it says “he thought someday he might travel to France, where it was cool; not like Fresno.” We gave up alot moving to the U.S., we barely knew english, we couldn’t find foods that us Nepalese ate, once more Nepalese people moved here stores opened with Nepali food we must have felt similar to how the Gary Soto felt in Living Up the Street when he says “I dipped my hand in again to unwrap a sandwich without looking at it” he probably didn’t care how it tasted/tasted because he was very hungry like how we probably didn’t care too much about the taste because we hadn’t ate nepali food in a while, and most importantly we missed a lot of our family members and friends, but they did come to the U.S later.

When we first got to the U.S we had a lot of money problems like how in Oranges it says “A nickel in my pocket,and when she lifted a chocolate that cost a dime.” The first few months were really tough for my parents because they barely knew english, so they couldn’t communicate properly to the Americans. We did have some help from places that helped immigrants. My sister, Nirusha was born around this time. After about 6 months we moved to a different apartment near where my uncles and aunts lived, My eldest uncle lived in the apartment but it got on fire so they moved to the next one over, and we moved to theirs after everything was fixed. 

About 5 years later we moved from Chicago to Cincinnati, I was really sad because a few years later, lots of Nepalese people had moved to the U.S and in lived near us, including my uncles and aunts. I now understand why we moved, it was because we lived in an apartment and Chicago was a pretty costly and dangerous place, but in Cincinnati we bought a house and it was far less dangerous than Chicago. We lived in a neighborhood called Finneytown. Then again we moved, to West Chester, where we currently live. In Seventh Grade Victor says “I was going to like seventh grade” and that's how I feel about seventh grade right now. West Chester is way better than the Nepali refugee camp we used to live in and we got here because of our sacrifices and hard work.



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