Abraham Lincoln Essay Example: Presidential Era

Nowadays we see a penny with the face of Abraham Lincoln and don't acknowledge the importance he has had on this nation. His face was on that coin for a reason; he made a difference in society. Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America and turned out to be one of the most successful ones. Abraham didn't just receive recognition from simplistic things, but he worked for it until he was worthy of recognition.  He worked for his recognition by doing amazing work such as being humble and being an extraordinary leader.   As stated by Lincoln, “Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”**  Lincoln was without a doubt a good president because he managed to bring the nation together and abolish slavery. 

A good president must have many magnificent qualities. These qualities must show good character,  bravery and show crisis management skills. Lincoln presidential era was in the 1800s.  When he was running for office, he brought so much controversy because he was bringing new beliefs in that some people questioned. As stated in history.com, “On October 16, 1854, Lincoln went before a large crowd in Peoria to debate… Kansas-Nebraska Act with Douglas, denouncing slavery… and calling the institution a violation of the most basic tenets of the declaration of independence.”***As seen here during that time period having slaves was something very ubiquitous and for Lincoln to speak up against it had to take courage.  The believes that he had were frowned upon, but he stood up for what was right which made him a better president.

Abraham Lincoln had certain areas that supported him or did not. For example, he was unpopular in the south because of the strong stance he had on allowing slaves to be free. (history.com) ** While the north supported him since they agreed with his ideas. In the end, Lincoln ended winning the election even though he didn't have the support form the southern states.  Lincoln was inaugurated as the 16th president of the US in March 1861, but by that time states started to secede from the US. According to the article by Allen Carl, “Seven of the slave states did not wait for the inauguration… secede from the Union and form their own independent republic, the Confederate States of America.”  Right from the beginning, Lincoln faced one of the most difficult challenges yet because he had to make a decision to go to war.  Even though the union was not ready to go into war.

After Election

As soon he was elected, Lincoln had to make a life-changing decision either let the south states keep seceding or go to war to save the nation . Lincoln was a fantastic leader since his sole purpose of going to war was to prevent the nation from splitting apart and destroying the great legacy that the founding fathers had created.  Even though Lincoln had no background on military strategies, he was an outstanding leader leading the civil war. According to the article, The Accomplishments of president Abraham Lincoln by RJ Norton states,  that Lincoln was very good with dealing with strategic thinking for the union despite the lack of military knowledge that he had. He was a successful leader because he was self-motivated to bring back the nation together by going as far as teaching himself strategies of war by educating himself about war through books. 

As stated in, historynet.com, “ … he began a self-education in the art of war, checking books of military history out of the Library of Congress.”****  Lincoln showed he was a good president because he educated himself quickly on the war so that he could be successful in the civil war.   Lincoln was very helpful because he jumped right in and helped fight the war by serving as commander in chief and chief in staff as stated by RJ Norton. **   This goes to show that Lincoln showed crisis management skills since the Union did not have a good militia.    His soft-heart and levels of empathy made many people misinterpret Lincoln harshness during the war. At the end of the day, he knew that he had to be tough at times to be successful.  He even went to the extent to eliminate habeas corpus as stated by RJ Norton. ** Lincoln leadership is one of the greatest assets that helped, and his willingness to never give up was as well beneficiary.  He always looked on the bright side and never gave up.  He was a great leader who showed great strategies and perseverance to make southerners join the union again.  He implemented acts that would impact southerners drastically. 

Furthermore, Lincoln took further action in order to reunite the union.  He first enacted the Emancipation proclamation which threatened the lifestyle of the Confederate states. As stated in history.com,  “  Lincoln issued  Emancipation proclamation warning that in all states still in rebellion on January 1, 1863, he would declare their slaves “then, thenceforward, and forever free. “ **  Abraham Lincoln enacted this because the freedom of slaves was the cause of the commencement of war because he believed that slaves should be free.   So he enacted it so people could stop rebelling.  He also knew that slaves were the main source of income because they did all the labor which helped them obtain money.  Without the slaves, they would also have no income which would make people stop rebelling.  Not only did the Emancipation proclamation allow slaves to be free but it also allowed black soldiers to fight for the Union which helped improve the Union military. ( The accomplishment of Abraham Lincoln)  *** The emancipation proclamation was the beginning to the freedom of slaves which further lead to the 13th amendment. 

Lincoln then went on to ban habeas corpus one of the most fundamental rights that people have.  People who were rebelling and got caught were not able to have a court hearing. Instead, they would be punished immediately.  People might state what he did was unconstitutional but what he did was constitutional.  As indicated in the US history textbook, the government can revoke the right of habeas corpus when in time of rebellion and when society comes under harm's way.***  Lincoln was deliberately doing this because removing people right inflicted fear into people which would make some people stop rebelling. The tactics Lincoln used were very effective because they all inflicted terror which decreased rebellion.  

Lastly, Lincoln showed leniency by enacting the 10 percent plan.  This plan would pardon treason as long as they take an oath of loyalty and follow the orders that were presented.  According to the Pearson, US  history textbook states in pg 64, “If the states constitution abolished slavery and provided education for African Americans, regain a place in Congress.“ ** He managed to turn the war into a good outcome by trying to give freedom to African Americans who were enslaved and he did when he enacted the emancipation proclamation as I have stated before. Most importantly, the perseverance and determination that Lincoln had is what made the union win after years of nonstop fighting the confederates surrender at Virginia, on April 9, 1865. (Allen carl) Abraham Lincoln turned out to be a successful president.  He was successful in coming up with extraordinary tactics to make the Confederate states surrender.  Lincoln truly exemplifies what a great president by paving the way to end slavery.

Contribution During the Civil War

 Lincoln has made a significant contribution during the civil.   He was a well-rounded leader who incorporated a little bit of everything during the war.  What also made him successful was the crisis management skills he showed.  He was quick to jump in as commander and help fight the war head-on. Knowing little knowledge of the war did not limit him because he taught himself about war through books.  Using legal action was another way he combated war.

This goes to show that his self-determination and willingness to learn.  Lincoln had many advantages within winning the war by being able to institute laws that would benefit the Union by bringing the Confederate states back to make the country whole once again. One example would be the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation, which abolished slavery in the Confederacy.  Revoking habeas corpus was another great strategy which prevented them from having the right to be heard in court.  Lincoln was a very wise mine by thinking outside the box; he used fear against the Confederates so that they would rejoin the union. He also showed clemency through the 10% plan which would forgive treason. This went to demonstrate that Abraham Lincoln was a good president because he was willing to forgive.  Most importantly lincoln turned the atrocity of war into a beneficial outcome by paving the way for the abolishment of slavery. He made a massive change in society and was clearly a successful president. Lincoln amazing strategies helped bring the nation together and also helped with the abolishment of slavery.



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