Abortion And The Right To Life Essay Example

I am an avid proponent of preserving human life at all costs. Everyone deserves the chance to a life, even if that life may not turn out to be an idealistic fairy tale. RightToLife is a charitable organisation that aspires to bring awareness to controversial topics revolving around modern-day ethics, specifically abortion. In my eyes, abortion is an abhorrent process that the law should forbid, if there is no seriously reasonable justification. 

In recent times, abortion has become more and more of a political talking point even though there shouldn’t be much dispute regarding the issue in the first place. The general scientific consensus states that human life does indeed begin at conception. A study conducted at the University of Chicago in 2018 revealed that 95% of both democratic and republican biologists concurred “a human’s life begins at fertilization (5212 out of 5502)”. Using basic logic, ethics and science, one can rule out all proposed starting points to human life, such as a heartbeat, brain activity, capability for emotion, viability outside the womb and much more! The only consistent origin for human life is conception, the point at which a wholly distinct genetic code is formed. While science can aid us in indicating when human life may begin, it cannot do the same for giving us a clue about when personhood arises. Personhood is an arbitrary philosophical concept and while we may never know for certain when a person comes into existence, it is only moral to provide the benefit of the doubt to the preservation of a possible new individual. No one’s convenience should ever take priority over another’s wellbeing, that’s simply justice 101. 

RightToLife has tried to do its part by working on enlightening the public on the ongoing and blatant massacre of millions upon millions. In July 2020, the abortion lobby staged a major attempt in which they aimed to hijack the Domestic Abuse Bill with a law that would abolish the last remaining legal protections, in England and Wales, for an unborn baby who is under 28 weeks old. Using generous donations and 18 months of planning time, RightToLife managed to set up a giant campaign against this new law being put in place. Within the duration of this campaign, RightToLife established many meaningful and fruitful connections with active Pro-Life MPs. This strong support system in Parliament meant that the Pro-Lifers could present a compelling and cogent argument to the Speaker. 

RightToLife does its best to influence the biased, leftist media. They play their cards right by targeting vital areas in which they have higher levels of approval, this will eventually help carve the path for broader recognition of their movement. Latterly, RightToLife’s movement has been featured in over 600 print and broadcast media pieces concerning a plethora of their endeavours. These days, social media trumps all other methods of advertising; RightToLife is well aware of this and is actively working on growing its social media platforms. They currently channel across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok. Using social media as a means of promotion allows RightToLife to tap into the new and upcoming generation of society. This, coupled with their media and communications/internships programmes will help equip young people with the necessary skills to deliver an authentic perspective on abortion to others. RightToLife have also built their in-house capability to produce TV advert quality videos in addition to other world-class digital content and campaign memes. Their website is their most prominent trademark, with it being the most viewed Pro-Life website in Europe! They utilise it in order to publish accessible Pro-Life news to everyone in the UK; having their own news outlet means that all their content is reliable and has not been unfairly edited by major news sources.

Over the following couple of months, RightToLife will be facing a multitude of immense challenges – such as an expected attempt from the abortion lobby to make all abortions legal with zero restrictions! They estimate that they must raise £200,000 to make an impact and prevent innocent lives from being ended. The money from this fundraiser will be donated to a cause I am super passionate about; I would relish the opportunity to do my part in making a positive difference in the world by protecting the precious right to life.


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