My Summer Vacation Essay Example

My Summer Vacation Essay Example
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📌Published: 04 November 2020

The summer of 2019 changed my whole perspective on life. I went through different changes day by day that helped me become a better person. I have been granted the opportunity to work at a summer camp, Madison Square Boys and Girls Club with children from the ages of six through thirteen. Before starting my job, I was very nervous because I never worked with kids and I never really like kids. I wanted to try something new because I needed to get out of my introverted ways. I am a very shy individual and needed to do something that is out of my comfort zone, so this was the right fit. As time went by, I was thrilled to start work, but I was scared to meet the kids. Kids are the most honest individuals, and they speak their mind which I was not ready for. However, the day was finally here, I woke up early and got ready because my parents dropped me off. A little mishap happened which wasn’t a big deal, but I was a little late to work. I ran into the building and went into a room with approximately eleven other summer workers.  

As I ran into the building it was a little intimidating because everyone was looking at me as I sat down, but the good news is the meeting didn’t start yet. In the meeting, my director wanted everyone to do an activity so we can get to know each other which was not necessary. The director wanted everyone to wake up because the room was very quiet, but it was just too early in the morning. The activity required for us to stand up, say our names, and say one thing we call like to do. After the lively activity was over it was time for everyone to walk around to get a feel of the building and see what age group was right for us. As we walked around, I was almost the last of the group to pick my area because I wasn't sure. However, I was introduced to a wonderful lady, Ms. Sparkle and I decided to work with her.  

Ms. Sparkle treated me kindly as she introduced herself first and explained her program area with me, she helped different groups learn about positive action. I was very interested because she was very passionate about this job and helping the kids learn this summer. Before, the lessons started she asked me different questions about myself and the job. She begins to ask me “my age, if I am in college, and why I chose to work at this camp”? I remember this like it was yesterday, I said, “I am 18 years old, I attend SUNY Plattsburgh, and I chose this place because I never worked with kids”. Then she asked what my major is and what I want to become in the future. I told Ms. Sparkle that “my major is biochemistry with a math minor, and I want to become a pediatric surgeon”. She was in complete shock, but that was expected because everyone does that to me when I tell them about my schooling.  It was quite funny because the room was silent for a moment and she just looked at me. However, she began to talk and tell me to just continue to go for my dreams and I can do that. That made me feel at ease because she listened to me and gave me genuine advice. Ms. Sparkle made me feel more comfortable and less tense because which made me feel welcomed.   

During my workdays, which was Monday through Friday, I was still nervous and very quiet. One day Ms. Sparkle spoke to me and asked: “how is everything going and how do I feel working here”? I finally told her “I was very shy and not too confident yet because it’s a lot to handle”. She told me “that once I am completed with this program, I am going to have better communication skills and more confidence”. Lastly, she told me “I can always be myself around children” and that’s the one phrase that stuck with me. Every time I walked into the building, I always thought that, and it will always be in my mind. As the week progressed, I was more talkative, hands-on with the kids, and more confident. I noticed the change when the kids started to call me by my name “Ms. Tiasia”, it made me happy because they know who I am. Therefore, I was finally content with everything because I always spoke about my day to my parents. I always had a funny and great story to tell because every day it was something different.    

Madison Square Boys and Girls had children from different backgrounds, mainly the Caribbean. I was happy about this because I am from a Caribbean background and my culture is beautiful. It was great seeing children from all different cultures, helping them learn about positive action, and how can I forget taking them to lunch every day. At the camp, I was assigned a group to take to lunch with a staff member, Ms. Sparkle. The group was “G11” or the eleven-year-olds, it was extremely fun because all we did was laugh and scream the whole time. Every day around 11:45 am we walked to the lunchroom, which is located at the school across the street. As we walked in a line, I needed to make sure all the kids were there and crossed the street properly. Once we arrived some of the kids waited in-line for lunch, and I went to sit at my group table with the rest of the kids. There was always one girl, Shiloh that always sat next to me and always walked beside me. The staff member and the kids always said we looked alike; she was a mini- me even though she was taller than me. One day during lunch, the kids and I were having fun and Ms. Sparkle asked my director “if Shiloh and I could pass as siblings”. My director, of course said “YES” but in that conversation he also said, “I could be a role model for her now and in the future”. I never thought of that because I was just a summer worker, but it made me think that I could be making an impact on someone’s life for the better.  

This overall summer was filled with new life experiences, but I was able to learn in the process. I was able to become more expressive and open which is something I was working towards. I am still shy and slightly quiet, but I will not be able to change in a day. However, I did gain benefits such as a letter recommendation from Ms. Sparkle because I “exceeded her expectations”, and I was offered a job there. I was not able to take the job right now because I am in school, but in the future it’s possible. I am very thankful for the people I have met and the children that I made a connection with. I will never forget the fun and great opportunity I was given this summer and I hope next summer will be even better.


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