1984 Essay Example

Imagine being constantly watched everywhere you go, and there was a good or bad consequence to your every action. In Oceania, the citizens are under surveillance constantly and if they were to make a mistake it could count them their lives. Winston, Syme, and O’Brien made important decisions that made a impacted within the story. 

In 1984, Winston very important decisions that cost him pain and hardship. He was captured and is being tortured by the Party for information. Winston shouts repeatedly, “ Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia! I don’t care what you do to her. Tear her face off, Strip her to the bones. Not me! Julia! Not me!” (1) This proves that he would betray the woman he said that he loved and shows you that he has chosen to inflict pain onto Julia to save himself from the pain. He is threatened by the Party, and the thing he fears most. This is the aftermath from forcing all the pain onto Julia and the outcome to his choice. “Her face was shallower, and there was a long scar, partly hidden by her hair, across her forehead and temple.” (2) Do to Winston’s choice to give Julia all the torture. 

While O’Brien is interrogating Winston, he gives him a couple of choices. O’Brien is informing Winston what will happen if he was to lie or not answer quick enough. “Will you please remember, throughout our conversation, that I have it in my power to inflict pain on you at any moment and to any degree I choose. If you tell me any lies, or attempt to prevaricate in any way, or even fall below your usual level of intelligence you will cry out with pain, instantly. Do you understand that?” (3) O’Brien is telling Winston that if any point he feels like Winston isn’t providing enough information, and isn’t quickly answering he is to be writhing in pain. At this point O’Brien is going to choose to let Winston what is awaiting him if he doesn’t go along with the Party and goes with the thing Winston fears the most.

“You asked me once,’ said O’Brien, ‘what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing in Room 101  is the worst thing in the world. 'The worst thing in the world,' said O'Brien, 'varies from individual to individual. It may be burial alive, or death by fire, or by drowning, or by impalement, or fifty other deaths. There are cases where it is some quite trivial thing, not even fatal.”  

O’Brien made the decision to tell Winston what was waiting in Room 101 to give Winston more fear to extract the information from him. A “comrade” of Winston’s name is Syme and is working to create the Newspeak dictionary and talks more than what’s best for him. Syme is questioning the Party’s words. “How could you have a slogan ‘Freedom is slavery’ when the concept of freedom has been demolished.” (4)  Syme decides to engaging in conversation with Winston about topics that people of Oceania shouldn’t be discussing. Winston is telling himself that Syme will be vaporized. This leads to the consequence of one day being killed. “One of these days, thought Winston with a sudden deep convection, Syme will be vaporized.” (5) Due to Syme being open minded and thinks independently from the Party leads him to death. Syme is to smart and speaks what is on his mind and speaks blunt. Soon, he will disappear without a trace. 

All actions have consequences that may or may not be a poor decision. In 1984 Winston, O’Brien, and Syme made decisions that were worse than others. People make decisions every day and have different consequences. The President makes important decisions all the time that have a major impact for the entire country.



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